Who we are

VITEK DESIGN understands the need to do more with less. Designing creative solutions for our clients by utilizing a clear and concise method has always been our founding principle. We do not operate in the old model of bureaucracy that many large advertising agencies use to function. You will not find our account executives passing project information to the art director then to the production designer and so on. We simply do not function like the middle man. In modern day terms, we are a hybrid firm that embraces the latest in technology to enhance efficiency and streamline our approach. The result is money saved by our clients and a level of service that is unparalleled.

Our clients are in constant direct communication with the designer. It’s the only way we have found to ensure projects are accurately taken from concept to completion. We work with a wide range of companies and organizations that allow us to create relevant designs that appeal to a variety of audiences. Its this client base that forces us to keep up with current trends and understand how different brands resonate within today’s economy, culture and society.

I look forward to listening to your needs and adding your work to our portfolio. Give me a call directly at 630.372.7900 or fill out the contact form to get the ball rolling.